Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I've been working on a remix with Woodhead of These guys are totally off the chain, driving around Vancouver, BC with a mobile Sauna sound system. I'm loving his remix so far, hold tight for some sneak previews right here live and direct!

I'm finding that as I'm gettig heavy back into production, I want to listen to the funkiest things I can find and just totally assimilate the funk into the fabric of my being. I was listening to the latest Futuristic Sounds radio show (big up Mr Mikey) and he drops this Roy Ayers track, "Henceforth", from "Red, Black & Green" and I didn't recognize at first... man is that a funky track! Feel it. This morning was heavy dub with the Congos and Sugar Minott, and now I'm finishing out the day with some Black Star before heading down to BK for some birthday party action.

the NYC of hip-hop just ain't hear no more...

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