Sunday, May 3, 2009

CP EP 2, Track 1

Well I got one track in the bag. I'm out here looking for friends and people who just find me to do some remixes of the next batch of tunes. One of them I'm calling "Steal Some Days" and has a heavy soul (as in 60's R&B) vibe, combined with some tuff 909 beats and percussion. Very Moodyman obviously, but also kind of on just a classic old school classic house tip. Down and dirty, and slightly relentless.

Then there is another track, "Cuts", which shamelessly pounds a looped sample whose origins may be your treat to discover. This track reminds me of late 90's chicago stuff big time, it just demands that you go to the dancefloor. It's a track that I started in Vancouver in 2003 and am finally giving it its due, as it is probably my favorite thing I ever came up with, after the hihat programming for "Does It".

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