Monday, August 3, 2009

The Set-up: DJ'ing w/ MIDI

Check out my MIDI controller as Traktor interface. Deck A is on the left, B on the right. I have the scrub functions mapped, and the cue-pause and cue-play buttons. For fun I have the EQ's mapped to the knobs. Levels for the decks are mapped to the vertical faders. I want to change the filter parameter controls for the deck that has focus to use the sliders and use the filter knobs just to apply filter to deck A or B. Fun stuff!

New Podcast - Continous Live DJ MIX

Check out my first attempt to DJ with Traktor Studio. Pretty cool stuff! The possibilities with Traktor are INSANE. I felt some pressure to try to do a lot of cool stuff. I set-up my own midi controller with some success, definitely some improvements to do. The funnest thing of all time is taking 16 bar loops of disco tracks and mixing them with house. Real time Ron Hardy in effect. I have a lot of thoughts about all this but I just wanted to get this post up.