Sunday, September 6, 2009

Podcast 3: Continuous Disco Edits

I upgraded my aging copy of Traktor DJ Studio 2.6 to Traktor Pro. Definitely a lot has happened in 5 years. Here's my NEW MIX I just ripped after spending an hour learning my way around. Best new things:

  • Faster track analysis
  • Four decks
  • Crazy (too many??) effects
  • Dedicated filter
  • Easier/Faster MIDI control surface mapping/editing
  • Bit grid hacking seems easier, works a lot like live, but still I find it easier to just beatmatch and not screw around too much with the "automatic" mixing. It seemed to just do the right thing 75% of the time, and the more funky stuff with a less pronounced kick drum you just have to mix like a real DJ.

Thing I miss:
  • Either it's harder to figure out how to edit the layout, or the layout control options are more limited
  • Default controls for tempo are way too coarse - many things seem designed to be optimized for use with store-bought controllers like the VCI-100. I had to do (and still need to do more) a fair bit of tweaking on the tempo sliders

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